Focal Length:66mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3000


Velkommen til min fotoblogg. Jeg som driver bloggen, er en norsk mann som bor og jobber i Riga. Det er lov (og hyggelig) å ta kontakt dersom du trenger tips om Riga.

Vennlig hilsen,

Bernhard – slaathaug@gmail.com


7 comments on “About”

  1. Very cute! When I clicked on your comment, I just got sent to your gravatar but not to your blog – searched on google and found you – like a proper stalker 😉 Great photos though so I’m glad I did! Linda.

    • Hey!
      Not posted on my blog for a very long time. Im not very good with words, but tried to explain Latvia through my eyes:)


      • Well, I’m glad I found it 😉 Are you going to start posting again? Planning on staying here for a long time?

      • Not sure if I am going to start to post again. I mostly uses Twitter and Facebook these days.

        Am I going to stay here longer? For a long time? Hey, I stayed here for six years already!:)

        Im following you on twitter from now on.

      • Thanks! I’m still getting used to Twitter but try to update every now and then 😉 6 years is a long time – I think this will be my last year.

      • I said that after my first year here. “This will be the last year..”,, Not going to happen.

        R u active in the expat community?

      • Ha, I said that last year too! 🙂 This year I mean it though… I guess I’m not as active as I could be! I went to one expat dinner when I got here first but found it a bit stuffy. I go to the odd Internations night. You?

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